Monday, November 16, 2015

Layering up to keep warm

Dear Parents

As the weather is starting to get colder some of the riders struggled yesterday because they didn't have enough layers on or didn't have gloves or didn't have a waterproof coat on. At the end of the session advised the children on how to dress for the winter. I then thought maybe we ought to tell the parents as well..... ooops.

We advised the children to layer up, this means lots of thinner layers ie base layer, followed by a t-shirt, followed by a thin fleece, followed by cycling shirt and finally a waterproof coat. This is called the onion skin layering, the advantage of this is each layer traps air between them which warms up and insulates and secondly if they get too hot then a layer is easily removed going from 5 to 4 layers rather than removing a big thick jumper and then having no layers. We don't expect you to go out and buy loads of technical clothing any clothing they already have layered up will suffice.
See this link if you want further advice.

Gloves are extremely important and necessarily specialist bike gloves. Your hands are exposed to wind as you are riding and also touching and gripping cold rubber. Lots of the children struggled with cramp /coldness in their hands yesterday.

And finally a waterproof/windproof  outer layer the fine drizzle and wet mist from yesterday easily penetrates clothing and really makes you feel very cold.

Hope this helps

Parents please remember there are tea and coffee making facilities in the kitchen for a small donation

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