Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pricing Structure

Brownlee Centre Sessions

Session 1:  7 - 7.45pm 
This session is for under 16's only.
 £3 Leeds Mercury Club Members
£4 non club members

Session 2:  7.45 - 8.30pm
This session is for approved Junior and Senior riders
£3 Leeds Mercury club members
£4 non club members

Joint Package:  For parents of riders in session 1 we are offering the opportunity to ride on the upper part of the track, away from the main coaching area. This is at a charge of £1.50.

Approved Junior/senior riders who wish to warm up before the 2nd session are welcome to use the upper part of the track at no additional charge, therefore enabling an hour and a half of cycling for £3/£4

To clarify for a Leeds Mercury Club member who has a child riding in session 1, a child riding in session 2 and who wishes to make use of the track for the first session:

Child 1 £3
Child 2 £3
Parent £1.50   Total charge £7.50


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